Diagnostic Liners/Sockets

A preliminary clear, 2mm socket or liner used solely to assess fit. It does not include attachment points or add-ons.

Definitive Liners/Sockets

The final socket or liner that includes all desired custom features & components.

Additional Services A-Z

We have you covered, from [A]nti-Elongation fabric to embedded [Z]ippers. Plus everything in between.

Multi Durometer Sockets

Our custom multi durometer, or dual HTV/RTV, sockets have rigid areas for structure and support and softer areas for added cushion and comfort.

Limitless Customization

Our customization capabilities go beyond just color. Options to enhance the aesthetics of your socket and its functionality result in a finished product that looks, fits and functions at the highest level. Custom options include (but aren’t limited to): color, imbedded fabric, attachment points, valves, etc.

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