14ELMT produces cutting edge silicone prostheses for the Orthotics & Prosthetics industry.

14ELMT… An Element of Design.

14th Element Fabrication is a full-service prosthetics fabrication company serving the Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) industry. We create complete, custom prostheses that clinicians can proudly deliver and that users will feel confident wearing.


It is our belief that by building upon the foundation of experience we can use innovations in science and art to create an exceptional, individualized prosthesis.

We strive to create products that redefine a medical device into functional fashion.

Our Approach

We systematically approach each job by taking into consideration the clinician’s desires, the wearer’s goals, limb presentation, type of prosthesis and aesthetic preferences. We then use our knowledge and experience to design and create a product that maximizes both comfort and function for each unique job.

Our Story

After years of experience fitting silicone on hundreds of individuals, Mariya saw firsthand how silicone could provide unparalleled comfort and function. Her desire was to create a company which not only provided quality, custom silicone products to those in the prosthetics community, but to also combine cutting edge technology and art in creating 14th Element Fabrication products. Her goal is to make prostheses that are functional fashion. Each piece 14ELMT produces should exemplify the culmination of function, fit and beauty.


Mariya Cameron

CEO & Silicone Solutionist
[Silicone Division]

14ELMT is the manifestation of her ever-expanding vision. She strives to make 14ELMT an industry disruptor by utilizing technology and art to push what is possible in prosthetics. Mariya is an inspired leader to the company and heads our Silicone Division. If it’s silicone, she’s your person! With over a decade of silicone experience in O&P she has the knowledge, artistry and talent to create one-of-a-kind silicone products.

Robert (R2) Duerksen

Fabrication Specialist
[Carbon Division]

During his near decade as an upper limb fabrication specialist, Rob (aka R2) found his ‘medium’ in carbon fiber and the results show in his framing artistry. R2’s talents and framing expertise makes him a key player on our team. A former US Marine, he is skilled at problem solving and working within a team. He brings all of his knowledge, creativity, expertise and prosthetic solutions to our new Carbon Division.

Alexandra Hernandez

Biomedical Communications

Alexandra leads the direction in marketing and design for 14th Element Fabrication. Her experience as a medical illustrator makes her as comfortable in a medical setting as in an art studio. As a biomedical communications expert with an eye for detail, she’s a perfect fit for 14ELMT. Her talents align perfectly with our mission to combine artistry, science and technology.

Shelley Clem

Lab Manager

Shelley is yet another creative soul with past experience in the O&P industry as a lab manager & technician. She is truly a renaissance woman with her skills ranging from metalwork & furniture-making to running and operating a number of successful start-ups. Being adept at wearing multiple hats, her spectrum of talents and skills will be put to good use at 14ELMT.

For over a decade I have been dedicated to creating the best silicone sockets and liners for upper limb prosthetics. It all began with training in Germany and a desire to improve the lives of others. I have been fortunate enough to have trained and collaborated with world renowned experts from places such as The Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Walter Reed, IBT and The Research Institute of Chicago.

Mariya Cameron

See What We Can Do…

Check out our Gallery to see some of our completed projects that showcase our silicone skills. We would love to put every project in our gallery, but that’s a whole lot of scrolling. If there’s a feature or something you’re interested in that isn’t represented in the Gallery… ask us! With our many years of experience, we’ve likely done it before and if not… we are always up for a challenge! While seeing is believing, it doesn’t hurt to hear what our clients have to say about our work.


  • Loving the pink socket. It’s totally changed my life. I was averaging maybe 4000 steps (a day) before! - Candy McGuire, Transfemoral amputee & 14ELMT client

The Company We Keep

We want to create the very best silicone products so that every patient finds unsurpassed comfort, style and quality in their 14ELMT socket. By pushing our own capabilities and working with some of O&P’s very best we move closer to that goal with each and every project. Here are some of the renown O&P companies and businesses we have served or partnered with..