14ELMT Carbon Fiber Frames

14th Element Fabrication is pleased to now offer full preparatory and definitive frames with the addition of carbon fiber and thermoplastic frames. Carbon fiber is a strong, durable, lightweight framing material that reduces fatigue for the user. 14ELMT offers fully customizable framing finishes and graphics to make a truly one-of-a-kind prosthesis that matches the client’s personal aesthetic. Additionally, we offer both diagnostic and definitive thermoplastic frames & sockets .


There are endless possibilities for the design choices in customizing your carbon fiber frame. Our available carbon fiber features include a wide range of flesh tones, colorful vinyl wraps, custom decals, shiny carbon finishes, sleek fairings and anatomical lines that make our custom frames unsurpassed in fitting both the wearer’s anatomy and their personal aesthetic.


All of our frames are custom and made to order. This enables us to create prostheses that meet the highest standards of fit, function and aesthetics. We utilize a wet-lamination process for our carbon fiber fabrication.


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