14ELMT Silicone Sockets & Liners

Every good prosthesis begins with a comfortable, secure, well-fit socket.

14th Element Fabrication produces cutting edge silicone products. Silicone has numerous benefits over traditional thermoplastics and offers users unparalleled comfort. 14ELMT uses rolled silicone (HTV), injected silicone (RTV) or a combination of the two to create our custom sockets and liners.

Some of our most popular silicone products are in the bulleted list. That said, we’re always game to stretch our creative chops and try fabricating something novel. So if you’ve got something in mind, let’s talk!

  • Push-in Sockets
  • Roll-on Liners
  • Activity specific devices
  • Digits

We offer both diagnostic and definitive push-in style sockets & roll-on liners.


A preliminary clear, 2mm socket or liner used solely to assess fit. It does not include attachment points or add-ons.


The final socket or liner that includes all desired custom features & components. Our roll-on liners feature a low friction coating to assist in donning & doffing, eliminating the need for fabric sleeves (for that purpose). Definitive liners can include features like distal umbrellas, straps and anti-rotational wedges.


We offer complete customization of your silicone prosthesis. Including, but not limited to, integrated multiple durometers, attachment points, valves, low friction coatings, colors, wire channels, straps, custom art, embedded components, air bladders and elasticized panels. We have you covered, from [A]nti-Elongation fabric to embedded [Z]ippers, plus everything in between.


In addition to standard prosthetic features we offer our own cutting edge features that set our fabrication apart from others.


14ELMT’s AIR-fit is a specialized feature for our silicone products that incorporates an integrated air bladder for the ultimate in adaptive suspension and comfort.

  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Integrated Air Bladder
  • Seamless Design
  • User Controlled Fit
  • Accommodates Limb Volume Fluctuations


Our ELASTO-fit is a specialized feature for our multidurometer sockets & liners that incorporates integrated elasticized silicone panels for easier donning & doffing. It is an alternative to zippers and is ideal for bulbous or sensitive limbs. The elasticized panels are available in many shapes and sizes.

  • Easier Donning & Doffing
  • Elasticized Panels in Multiple Shapes & Sizes
  • Zipper Alternative
  • Ideal for Bulbous or Sensitive Limbs
  • 100% Skin-Friendly Silicone

Unsure about what features would work best for your client or struggling with a challenging case? Reach out to discuss a custom silicone solution for your client.


Both rolled (HTV) and injected (RTV) silicone come in a range of hardnesses represented by shore durometer. A single silicone prosthesis can have multiple durometers so that a combination of structure and cushion can be achieved. Our multi durometer sockets can have different durometers of HTV-only silicone, RTV-only silicone or a prosthesis with both HTV & RTV silicone – our dual HTV/RTV sockets & liners.

Greater comfort, better suspension and increased range of motion. The proof is in the padding! Our custom multi durometer, or dual HTV/RTV, sockets have rigid areas for structure and support in addition to softer areas for added cushion and comfort.


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