In our desire to utilize cutting edge technology to create the very best prosthetic devices, 14ELMT has evolved and expanded our product line. We now offer carbon fiber and thermoplastic frames in addition to our silicone solutions.

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14th Element Fabrication offers both diagnostic and definitive prosthetic options for either your socket, liner or frame. Being able to provide a complete prosthesis from start to finish means the client gets into their custom prosthesis sooner!


We have extensive experience in fabricating upper limb prostheses and the majority of our projects have been in serving this segment. While there are many common considerations between upper and lower limb devices, upper limb projects do have some special considerations and unique challenges.

We are more than happy to discuss your upper limb cases with you and share our experience with previous similar cases. We fabricate prosthetic devices for any amputation level.

Struggling with a Difficult Case?

With our many years of Upper Limb experience, we have seen (…and developed) many creative design solutions to unique challenges.

The versatility of silicone & customization available for our carbon fiber frames enable us to provide products that are as varied and unique as the client. Need a socket that has areas of rigidity for structure, but also extra cushion in sensitive areas? Oh, and you need it to have an integrated air bladder and custom artwork on a sleek carbon fiber frame…We can do that and much, much more.

Contact us to discuss a personalized solution for a comfortable, durable, well-fit prosthesis.

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