Below you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Can silicone be modified?

Yes. Rolled silicone can be modified by cutting and/or grinding the material. In some circumstances rolled (HTV) silicone can be modified to accommodate a volume increase or decrease. Injected silicone can be trimmed with best results on thinner sections. In some cases RTV can be injected into an existing silicone socket to accommodate a volume decrease.

Can I retrofit silicone into an existing frame?

Yes. In some cases a liner or socket can be created to retrofit into an existing frame. For best results the model the original socket or liner was created on is required. The fewer additional features, such as M4 housings, the greater rate of success.

When should I choose silicone?

Once the limb is volumetrically stable, a patient can be fitted with a silicone socket or liner. While silicone can increase comfort and function for all patients, it is also the ideal solution for patients with challenging limb conditions such as:

  • Limb sensitivity
  • Scarring
  • Boney prominences
  • Bilateral amputation (heavy use)

What is our typical turn around time?

Project turn around is based on our project schedule and the complexity of the project. Each completed work order is put in a queue and projects are worked on in the order they were received. Estimated time frames can be provided once the project has been processed into the queue.

What is 14th Element’s product warranty?

We offer a manufacturer’s warranty which covers….