Clinician Requirements

We kindly ask that you submit both a completed work order and a marked test socket or plaster cast to initiate your order and have your project be placed in the queue.0

  1. Completed Work Order (electronic or hardcopy submissions accepted)
    • [Electronic] Download PDF, open file in a PDF reader (like Adobe Acrobat Reader), fill-out form electronically and press “Submit Work Order” button to send completed form via email.
    • [Hardcopy]  Download PDF, print and complete form, mail hardcopy (with your marked socket/model).
  2. Test socket marked with all the desired features (i.e. attachments, trim lines, added cushion, etc.). For more information on marking and packing your sockets can be found on Socket / Model Prep.

Upon receipt of both a completed work order and a marked test socket, your project will be added to the queue in the order it is received.

Please take care in the preparation and packing of your materials. Time spent repairing and modifying casts and test sockets can add considerable delays to your project timeframe and added costs to your project.

Project Timeline, Workflow

  1. Receipt of both a completed Work Order & test socket/model
  2. Project is added to the queue
  3. Estimated turn around time is communicated to client
  4. Fabrication
  5. Final delivery

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